A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

New for MS-DOS!

Acronia is a 2D run 'n' gun platformer for MS-DOS inspired by action games like Contra and Commander Keen. You take control of five surviving squad members — employees of the shady private military company "Acronia" — after an accident unleashes killer mutants on the base. Your only objective is to survive, get out, and kill anything that tries to stop you.

In development

Acronia has been in development since July 2019. Efforts began to ramp up the following January, with the goal of a digital and physical release — on actual floppy disks — by the end of 2020. The game runs on real DOS hardware and targets a 386 or better processor with VGA graphics.

This first release of Acronia (still in alpha, with a lot of work left to do) is author Clarissa's entry into DOS Games Jam.  It's still incomplete, with a lot of missing features — more of a technical preview than an actual game at this point. Still, we encourage you to try it out and comment here, or follow us on social media.

Be sure to read the documentation (ACRONIA.DOC, included in the download) for a full breakdown of what's missing and what's to come... as well as how to play!

System specifications

Acronia runs well in DOSBox on any system (Linux/macOS/Windows). If running on real DOS hardware, the system requirements are:


  • Any 32-bit IBM PC compatible (80386 or better)
  • MS-DOS (or compatible operating system) or Windows 95/98
  • 2 MB of RAM
  • VGA graphics capable of 320x200 resolution at 256 colors


  • 486DX or better
  • 4 MB of RAM

Acronia works on real hardware, as well as in DOSBox.


Hadrosaurus Software
 (development studio)
Clarissa Toler, author


Acronia_alpha_preview_v0.3.zip 2 MB